Complete Review Smartphone Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime

Complete Review Smartphone Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime - Yureka has a special application called Themes, which lets you choose a theme based on your preferences. Unlike other download on Android devices usual themes, themes in Yu Yureka app allows you to download individual aspects of several themes. This means you can choose a specific wallpaper of X theme, the font of Y theme and so forth - to create your own unique theme. Under the component parts, you get access to customize icons, status bar, controls, fonts, boot animations and so on.

Settings menu lets you tweak the device further. You can wake up Harga Samsung J2 Prime with a double-tap the phone or make the phone go to sleep by double-tapping the status bar, changing screen-off animation style, customize the soft keys to perform certain functions, add widgets on the lock screen and so on. You can also set the notification drawer and add your own icons for quick settings menu. In short, CyanogenMod 11 OS gives you plenty of opportunity to tweak your device the way you like.

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