Info Spesifikasid and Price Samsung Galaxy J5 Prime

Info Spesifikasid and Price Samsung Galaxy J5 Prime - We have Android OS 4.4.4 KitKat with CM 11S CyanogenMod custom ROM on it. Themes Showcase is one of the most interesting application that allows you to adjust the display based on the individual elements of the theme. So for example you can choose the font of the theme, the icons of other themes, wallpaper of the other themes, and so on. You can switch between the on-screen buttons for navigation (if you want to Harga Samsung J5 Prime use the full real estate of your device) or choose the soft keys as you would in a regular Android phone.

Another interesting application is an application that lets you record a screencast of your on-screen navigation with a recording register where you touch the screen as well. With regular phone, you will need root access to do this. AudioFX is another bundled application that lets you tweak the equalizer settings on your phone. There are some interesting security features such as Privacy Guard - lets you decide which applications can access your personal data, WhisperPush - lets you send encrypted SMS, Blacklist and so forth.

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