Review Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus

Review Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus - Features embedded in it is very complete, so it is natural that the price of Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus is priced very expensive. Moreover, this smartphone offers new features that make the Galaxy S8 Plus turns into a mini PC. Feature called Samsung Dex requires special docking that will connect the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus to the monitor, keyboard and wireless mouse. In addition, there is also an artificial intelligence-based personal asistem named Bixby.

Relax, because the Samsung Galaxy On7 Pro still provides connectivity with other network technologies which are not less reliable namely HSPA and EDGE. So, wherever you are still going to get the best internet access with smart phones. Not only that, equipped with WiFi and Hotspot feature you can also enjoy free internet access with the Samsung Galaxy On7 Pro.

Then, you can also do activities to share data with a wireless or wired media using the Bluetooth and microUSB. Then what about the navigation feature? Equally with other smart phones, the specifications of Samsung Galaxy On7 Pro has also been equipped with navigation features that will help comrades Begawei in mapping locations using the technology of A-GPS, GLONASS / BDS.

For the specifications of Samsung Galaxy On7 Pro, the strength of the flyer are still the same as the previous generation. To see how much the power consumption is needed, we need to re-look at the specifications of the display technology, the performance of the kitchen runway, as well as connectivity. The more sophisticated the sector, the more the power consumption is absorbed. Given Samsung Galaxy On7 Pro has a relatively secondary sectors in the absorption power is also not too much.

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