Specifications Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus

Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus - Unfortunately, LG is still making Corning Gorilla glass entrusted 3 Samsung Galaxy S9 monitor protection from scratches and clashes. Uniquely monitor that has a curved edge that makes it look so unique and charming. Not only that, the monitor also has the edge, so no dick and features features will always display on the information about the time, the date, and the icon notifications when in standby mode. Unfortunately, this smartphone has not taken AMOLED panel, because the IPS technology will still live the monitor.

Then applies to the design, the smartphone plated metal frame and the rear casing berlapisi glass Corning Glass Gorilla 5. For the first time the design Samsung Galaxy S9 unibodi on bikinannya flagship smartphone has the Samsung Galaxy S9 until the battery can not be disconnected or detached. With regard to its dimensions, a length of 148. 9 mm, a width of 71 9 mm, and a thickness of 7 9 mm. Average weight with a weight of 163 grams, until the smartphone is still compact and comfortable grip.

Despite having the monitor has a size of 5. 7 inches, but the dimensions are almost equal to the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus notabennya had 5. 3 inch monitor. The top side and bottom Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus is made less thick, enough to store IPS monitor has a size of 5. 7 inches. Beyond that, we will see a 5 Megapixel front camera that can be reliable when photographed selfie or connect video call. What is interesting from the front camera which takes a wide angle lens to shoot a 100 degree corner as well as a wide aperture f / 2. 2.

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